Growing Delicious and Nutritious Strawberries: A Guide from Tim’s Family Farm

Image: Tim’s Family Farm

Do you crave the taste of sweet, juicy strawberries? Look no further than Tim’s Family Farm, where we specialize in growing clean, organic, and nutritious fruits. In this article, we’ll share our expertise and passion for strawberries, providing you with valuable information on growing and caring for this vibrant and delicious fruit.

Planting Time: Ensuring Optimal Growth

At Tim’s Family Farm, we typically plant our strawberry beds in late summer or early fall. This allows the new runners to establish themselves before winter sets in. Another option is planting dormant plants stored in a cool environment, commonly available in spring. These plants are ideal for achieving a fall harvest. However, it’s important to consider your local climate and the variety of strawberries you choose for planting.

Selecting the Perfect Variety

When choosing strawberry varieties, it’s essential to consider their winter hardiness and flavor profile. For example, the Polka variety is known for its ability to withstand colder climates and offers a deliciously intense flavor when ripened in cooler temperatures. At Tim’s Family Farm, we recommend selecting a mix of flavors and ripening times to enjoy a diverse and flavorful harvest. Why settle for 30 of the same variety when you can experience a variety of tastes?

Image: Delicious Strawberries

Maintaining Flavorful and Aromatic Strawberries

At Tim’s Family Farm, we prioritize flavor over structure when it comes to strawberries. We prefer more aromatic varieties that may be softer to the touch. However, some individuals enjoy the crispness of watery strawberries like the Florence variety. It’s all a matter of personal preference. The size of the strawberries may vary, but the flavor is what truly matters. Our extensive selection of varieties, such as Lambada, Gariguetta, and Malwina, ensures you’ll find the perfect strawberries to satisfy your taste buds.

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Maximizing Harvest Seasons

To extend your strawberry harvest season, consider planting everbearing varieties in addition to Junebearing or single-bearing strawberries. Everbearers offer earlier fruiting and flowering, but it’s important to remove their flowers until around August to prevent overfruiting. Junebearing varieties, on the other hand, form flower buds for the following year around mid to late summer. By providing extra care during this time, you’ll be rewarded with an abundant harvest the following year.

Spacing Considerations: The Choice is Yours

When it comes to spacing, there are several options available, depending on your preferences. Some gardeners allow their strawberries to grow as a wild field, providing a natural and untamed aesthetic. Others opt for one-year plantings, spacing plants approximately 20-25cm apart in rows, resulting in larger strawberries. At Tim’s Family Farm, we prefer multi-year planting, with a density of 4-5 plants per square meter. Over time, these plants fill out the space, creating a lush and productive strawberry bed.


Q: Are strawberries difficult to grow?
A: With proper care and attention, strawberries can be relatively easy to grow. They thrive in well-drained soil, benefit from regular watering, and require protection from pests and diseases.

Q: Can I grow strawberries in pots or containers?
A: Yes, strawberries can be successfully grown in pots or containers as long as they have adequate drainage and receive sufficient sunlight.

Q: What are some popular strawberry recipes?
A: Strawberries are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various recipes such as strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, strawberry jam, or simply eaten fresh. Get creative and explore the delicious possibilities!

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At Tim’s Family Farm, we take pride in providing clean, organic, and nutritious strawberries. By following our planting guidelines, selecting the right varieties, and giving your strawberries the care they deserve, you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful harvest of flavorful and aromatic fruit. Start your strawberry-growing journey with us and experience the joy of growing your own fresh, delicious strawberries. Visit Tim’s Family Farm today to explore our wide selection of strawberry plants and begin your strawberry adventure!