10 Different Types of Strawberries

Did you know that there are different types of strawberries? You might think that all strawberries are the same because they all look similar at the store, but there are actually hundreds of different varieties of strawberries grown in the United States. Certain strawberry varieties grow in different parts of the growing season and have varying degrees of light sensitivity. One thing’s for sure, they’re all delicious—especially covered in chocolate. Our Rainbow And Butterflies Platter is chock-full of strawberries dipped in semisweet Artisia chocolate and topped with colorful swizzle. It’s strawberry perfection, just like all of the different types of strawberries below.

What Makes Strawberry Varieties Different?

Different Types of Strawberries

The main difference in strawberry varieties is differences in their growing season and their sensitivity to light. “Day-neutral” varieties are the hardiest and continue to ripen fruit all summer long until frost hits them. In fact, they blossom and fruit no matter how long or short the days are. Short day or “June-bearing” strawberries produce a single crop during a two to three week period in the spring. True to their name, June bearers typically produce their crop in the spring, but are also classified into early, mid-season, and late varieties. June-bearing fruit are light sensitive and thrive best during the shorter days of early spring. They also produce the largest berries. Everbearing strawberry plants begin to blossom when the days are long – 12 hours or more per day. Many everbearing strawberry varieties produce two to three crops, one in spring to early summer, another crop in midsummer, and the last in late summer.

Top 10 Types of Strawberries

Top 10 Types of Strawberries

Here are the top ten types of strawberries sold and grown in the United States:

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1. Honeoye

Honeoye strawberries are day-neutral June-bearing strawberries. They’re large berries that range in color from bright orange-red to red. They’re true to their name as they taste sweet, like honey. This type of strawberry produces a lot of berries, as it has a high yield and a long growing season.

2. Earliglow

Earliglow is a June-bearing strawberry that’s true to its name because it produces berries sooner than any other strawberry. Its berry size is medium to large, with a deep red color and a shape that’s symmetrical and conical. They have a sweet flavor that’s great for canning.

3. Allstar

Allstar strawberries look most like the stereotypical strawberries you’d find in a grocery store. They feature a perfect strawberry shape and plump, red appearance. They’re large strawberries that ripen in late mid-season. They have a mild but sweet flavor and are resistant to disease.

4. Ozark Beauty

Ozark Beauty is extremely popular everbearing variety of strawberry. The strawberries produced are sweet, red, and rather large for an everbearing variety. They also feature several large yields several times a year – one in early spring and one later in the season, with a few berries produced in between.

5. Chandler

Chandler strawberries are June bearers that produce very large, firm, and exceptionally tasty strawberries. Their glossy, red color and flavor profile are extremely desirable. However, the drawback of Chandler berries is that they are not very resistant to disease.

6. Jewel

Jewel strawberries are the picture perfect strawberry. They’re large, red, and juicy. They have an excellent flavor and are high-quality and hearty. They also have longer season yields.

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7. Seascape

Seascape is an everbearing strawberry variety that is resistant to disease and tolerant of a variety of growing conditions. Not only are they bright red on the outside, but they also feature a delectable red flesh on the inside.

8. Tristar

Tristar is a day-neutral strawberry variety that is firm, red, and very sweet. They’re medium-sized berries, but have a prolific growing season. They begin producing early, continue all summer long, and increase production in the late summer to fall.

9. Sparkle

Sparkle strawberries are a classic favorite and one of the best strawberries for making jam. The strawberries are medium-sized and ripen late. They’re deep red and feature an excellent flavor profile that’s just the right amount sweet and juicy.

10. Surecrop

True to their name, Surecrop strawberries produce a dependable and resistant crop. The strawberries are deeply red with yellow seeds, and are sweet with a bit of tartness. The best part about these berries is that they will grow virtually anywhere, and under any conditions.

The next time you’re at a farmer’s market, take a look at the different varieties of strawberries. Try a few out, and you might just find a new favorite. Or, just try our Hand-Dipped White And Semisweet Chocolate Strawberries Box for a decadent strawberry treat covered in decadent chocolate.

Types of Strawberry FAQs

What are the 3 types of strawberries?

Strawberries can be grouped in three main types based on the time of year when they fruit and how long they produce fruit. The 3 types of strawberries are:

  • June-bearing strawberries: June-bearing fruits develop fruit buds in the fall that bloom in the spring. After a June-bearing strawberry plant produces fruit, it sends out runners that will become new plants that produce fruit the following year.
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June-bearing strawberry plants produce large strawberries that are often sweeter compared to other types of strawberries.

  • Everbearing strawberries: Everbearing strawberries are smaller than June-bearing strawberries. These types of strawberry plants produce fruit two to three times per year throughout the warm months.

They do produce runners, although they’re not as prolific as June-bearing strawberries. Instead, they use their energy to produce strawberries throughout the warmer months.

  • Day-neutral strawberries: Day-neutral strawberries are sometimes grouped with everbearing strawberries. These strawberry plants produce fruit continuously from July through August.

These strawberry plants get their name, day-neutral, because they’re not as sensitive to shorter days (meaning less sunlight) compared to other varieties. Because they dedicate most of their energy to producing fruit throughout the season, they produce few runners.

How many types of strawberries are there?

There are three main types of strawberries based on their fruiting and propagating behavior: June-bearing strawberries, everbearing strawberries, and day-neutral strawberries. There are more than 600 varieties of strawberries within those three primary types.

Which type of strawberry is the sweetest?

June-bearing strawberries are the sweetest type of strawberries, although the sweetness and other flavor features varies among the hundreds of strawberry varieties.

Are darker or lighter strawberries better?

When selecting strawberries, look for berries that have a bright red color from the stem to the bottom. Strawberries that are partially white or green won’t ripen further after they’re harvested, so they typically won’t be as sweet compared to ripe strawberries.