Differently Colored Strawberries: A Rainbow of Flavor

When it comes to strawberries, the classic image that comes to mind is a juicy, red fruit bursting with sweetness. But did you know that there are a variety of novelty strawberries available in different colors and flavors? These unique strawberries, including white, pink, purple, and even pineapple-flavored berries, offer something special for gardeners and fruit enthusiasts looking for diversity in their gardens.

White Berry Among Red Berries
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Can Strawberries be Different Colors?

Uniquely colored strawberries have been around for a few decades. Varieties such as white, pink, yellow, and golden berries have been developed through the crossing of wild or alpine strawberry “off-types” and saving the seeds from these subtly different hues. While there are no bright blue, neon pink, bright green, black, or rainbow strawberries (as claimed by online retailers), there are some incredible variations on the classic strawberry that can legitimately grow in your garden.

How Are Novelty Strawberries Created?

Novelty strawberries are not genetically modified. Instead, they are created through hybridization, saving seeds from specific fruits, and selecting for unique colors over years of effort. Similar to Gregor Mendel’s experiments with pea plants, strawberry plants can be selectively bred for inherited traits that result in different hues, flavors, and shapes. For example, the ‘Purple Wonder’ strawberry took 13 years to develop at Cornell University.

Pink non-GMO Fruit Growing on a Vine
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11 Fun Novelty Strawberry Varieties

These non-GMO novelty strawberries are gaining popularity among home gardeners for their refreshingly different flavors and ability to start conversations. If you’re looking to add a fresh twist to America’s favorite red berry, consider trying one (or a few) of these unique strawberry varieties.

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‘Purple Wonder’

Purple Wonder Fruit Isolated on White Background
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Developed by plant breeders at Cornell University, ‘Purple Wonder’ is a truly purple strawberry. It starts out creamy white and ripens into red, then burgundy with purple undertones. This variety offers not only a show-stopping color but also extra high antioxidant content and outstanding strawberry flavor. It is a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t produce many runners, making it perfect for container gardens and small spaces.

‘White Alpine’

White Alpine Berries
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The original white strawberry, ‘White Alpine’, has been around for more than 300 years. It comes from mutated wild types that had lighter colored skins and lacks the ripening protein found in red berries. ‘White Alpine’ is popular in Japan and is becoming more widely available in specialty fruit circles around the world.

‘White Soul Alpine’

White Soul Alpine Berry Up Close
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‘Musk’ strawberries, or Fragaria moschata, are highly coveted in Europe for their luxurious flavor. These dark burgundy to brownish-rose colored berries have a unique aromatic taste with hints of wine, honey, and musk. Known for their strong perfume, ‘Musk’ strawberries are a novelty that can only be found in central European forests or in home gardens.


Novelty strawberries offer gardeners an opportunity to grow something truly unique and delicious. From purple to white, these different-colored strawberries add a splash of excitement to any garden or fruit bowl. Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter or just want to try something different, these novelty strawberries are sure to impress both your taste buds and your friends.

If you’re interested in growing your own novelty strawberries, consider visiting Tims Family Farm for a wide selection of strawberry plants and expert gardening advice.

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  • Can I find rainbow strawberries?
    No, rainbow strawberries do not exist. However, there are a variety of differently colored strawberries that can be grown in your garden.

  • Are novelty strawberries genetically modified?
    No, most novelty strawberries are not genetically modified. They are created through selective breeding and the saving of seeds from specific fruits.

  • Where can I buy novelty strawberry plants?
    You can purchase novelty strawberry plants from online retailers or local nurseries. Visit Tims Family Farm for a wide selection of strawberry plants.

  • Do novelty strawberries taste different from traditional red strawberries?
    Yes, novelty strawberries often have unique flavors. Some varieties offer tropical flavors like pineapple and coconut, while others have a more complex taste similar to raspberry and musk.

  • Are novelty strawberries more difficult to grow than traditional strawberries?
    No, novelty strawberries can be grown using the same methods as traditional strawberries. With proper care and maintenance, they can thrive in your garden or containers.