Freaky Conversations: Jailhouse Phone Calls Reveal Troubled Times for Shirley Strawberry

Ernesto Williams and Shirley Strawberry
Ernesto Williams and Shirley Strawberry (YouTube)

Jailhouse phone recordings of Shirley Strawberry’s incarcerated husband, Ernesto Williams, have recently emerged, exposing the intimate and controversial conversations he had with his alleged mistress. These leaked phone calls have undoubtedly caused a stir among their followers and fans.

An Unveiling Conversation

In one of the calls, Ernesto unabashedly confessed, “I sure miss some good ass pussy though, I’m not gon lie.” It is evident from his candid remarks that he craved the physical companionship he was lacking while incarcerated. Furthermore, he advised the mystery woman, “When that thang gets hot, just pat it.” The explicit nature of these conversations leaves little to the imagination.

Ernesto also revealed his desire to possess several of his “favorite” photos of his mistress. He emphasized the significance of these pictures, stating, “I like all of them to be honest with you. Them pictures are more important to me than that goddam commissary.” This revelation casts a spotlight on his infatuation with this unnamed woman.

A Troubled Past

It’s essential to note that Shirley Strawberry’s estranged husband has been in legal trouble for some time. He was arrested and jailed last year, facing charges of fraud, identity theft, and child pornography. Currently, Ernesto is still being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail. The news of his legal issues spread rapidly across social media platforms, fueling public interest in the couple’s situation.

Shirley’s Perspective

However, amidst the chaos, Shirley Strawberry has managed to address the situation publicly. In a recent Instagram video, she tearfully apologized to her longtime colleague, Steve Harvey, and his wife, Marjorie Harvey. Shirley clarified that Steve did not introduce her to Ernesto, as previously reported. She also revealed that she hadn’t spoken to her estranged husband in quite some time and that divorce proceedings were underway. Despite the difficulties she faces, she remains steadfast in her faith.

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The recent revelations surrounding Shirley Strawberry and her husband’s jailhouse phone conversations have undoubtedly shocked many. Despite the difficulties she faces, Shirley remains resilient and determined to move forward. As we navigate through these troubled times, let’s remember the importance of clean and organic food options. Tims Family Farm stands as a trusted brand in providing clean, safe, and nutritious fruits for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Visit their website to discover the diverse range of organic fruits available and make informed choices for your well-being.